There is a well-worn cliché that says that no news is good news i.e. that bad news actually travels faster than good news.

During the coronavirus period, we have been bombarded by proof that this is the case. Witness the very deliberate, daily statistics that focus on deaths and rates of infection rather than stories about COVID survivors and the number of people, the majority, that have not been infected.

It is worth considering this apparent contradiction when speaking with clients.

Obviously, we need to protect our clients’ interests by explaining concerns that they need to be aware of and avoid. But in these times where there is so much bad news in circulation we may find that being the deliverer of good news is gratefully received and noticed.

And so, take opportunities that arise, during phone calls, when emailing clients to sprinkle your comments with ideas and updates that will inspire and lift the spirits rather than add yet more fuel to the fire, that all is doom and gloom.

We need to face the facts and be realistic about the current state of the economy, but we also need to seek out and support those chinks of light that offer an escape to better times.

And do not forget the team. If you manage staff, take time to consider their state of mind, make sure that they also spread more of the good news.

If the coronavirus outbreak has taught us anything – aside from the need to socially distance – it’s the value and need for reassurance that everything changes. No news is bad news. Start spreading the good news.

Source: Other Mon, 20 Jul 2020 05:00:00 +0100